Ranch Rite DM-165 Two Drum Mower 5-1/2 Foot Working Width- SALE!!! w/FREE SHIPPING!!!

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Made in Turkey!


  • 65" Cutting Width
  • Included PTO w/ Clutch
  • 3 point hitch, cat 2 or cat 1 connection.
  • Quick Change Blades (3 per Drum)
  • Perfect for 30+ HP Tractors
  • Shipped with oil in it, you may have to add some. For refill it uses Gear Oil SAE140 / 85W-140
  • 900 lbs

Light weight and easy to manuever, the DM-165 is perfect for medium sized fields.

A full span of 65" keeps the DM-165 small enough for small to medium tractors but large enough to get the job done quickly. Requiring only a 35 horsepower tractor, the DM-165 is efficient to operate. This mower connects to the tractor with a 3 point hitch, category 1 connection. 

Not only does the DM-165 put hay into a windrow, it allows you to travel faster than a disc mower. With each drum cutting a wide path, these mowers will not clog. This is why they've earned the reputation of cutting "as fast as you can drive".

Protecting you and your investments (like fences), The DM-165 has guards over both drums, keeping you aware of the working area while the implement is in use.



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