Ranch Rite Hay Tedders

Choose either the lightweight HT-10 or the larger HT-20 to read more about our Ranch Rite Hay Tedders.

Both tedders are pull-type tedders with 6-ply tires and 6 arms per rotor. Gearsets are manufactured by Omni USA in their Shanghai facility.

The HT-10 is perfect for smaller tractors and farms under about 50 acres. Even a 25-30 hp tractor will have no problem towing the Ranch Rite HT-10.

The HT-20 features hydraulic lift on the outer rotors, so you can easily pass through gates or store your tedder in the barn when not in use. While not designed for commercial use, 50-100 acre farms will see many years of service out of our HT-20.

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